​The performance of precast facade elements is linked to:

  • compliance with eco-friendly supply chains
  • strict controls of concrete properties in the workshop
  • the ability of our design office to address engineering concerns such as static loads, seismic properties, acoustics, etc.
  • the verification of thermal properties using custom software (U <0.10 [W / m2K] if necessary)
  • problem solving facilitated by in-house assembly
  • the use of durable, high quality materials
  • the reduction of storage fees
  • controlling costs of maintenance and construction budgets

The time has come to examine the entire lifecycle of projects, from building to deconstruction.

The sandwich panels developed by Prelco can satisfy the most stringent requirements for energy efficient and sustainable construction required by SNBS, Minergie, BREEAM, etc.

These areas of research allow us to produce insulated, waterproof, and durable facade elements that articulate an infinite number of architectural expressions.